The Sleeping Children

I watch her sleep often. She’s so at peace, and it fills me with a sense of calm. But today, today I can’t feel it. Today as I see her peace; mirrored are pictures of children sleeping on floors. Surrounded by other children, not knowing where their parents are, and if or when they’ll see them again. The contrast of this daughter of mine that is protected and safe because of her citizenship, because she was born in this country, and these children that were not, and are being punished for it, traumatized by the same government that says it will protect her. How is that possible? How can people not see? That these children and their parents are us. We are all simply us. I understand that people are “breaking the law” but I just don’t believe that this zero tolerance policy is solving any problems. And I don’t believe that crossing a border warrants losing custody of your children. It is simply traumatizing and breaking apart families. There are ways to secure our borders without hurting these people. Without taking children and placing them in tents. I don’t know how to fix everything, I simply know that I cannot be at peace until I know our government has stopped this. I cannot stand by as this time goes down in history as one more instance that America was nothing more than cruel. Stand up. Call your representatives, do whatever you feel is right to stop this. Because this is not ok. And we won’t be ok until we fix it.


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