Not so New Beginning

Living in a tiny apartment has been super tough, mainly because for the last two years I have felt we were in transition. But this time, this year, as God again said no to a bigger house or apartment, I found a peace in it. We decided it’s time to find the beauty in this place. We have rearranged everything and gotten rid of all the things that aren’t necessary, and I’m surprised daily by little joys and hidden treasures in this little home. I’m finding room to be thankful for the roof over our heads and the reminders of the last two years, two of the best years of my life! and I’ve found hope and peace in the fact that we will celebrate Chantry’s second birthday in the same rooms we celebrated her birth and whole first year.

Hearing “no” has always been tough for me. I hated asking anything from anyone because I was so scared of the word “no”! Even little things, I couldn’t ask. So to hear a no from God has always caused big struggles in my life and usually a ton of anxiety and stress. But this one, this feels right, and good. I feel like there is growth that needs to happen, and it needs to happen here. So this morning I’m thanking God for his timing and his peace. What an amazing God we serve


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