Backyard Dreams

There is magic here. It hides beneath the ever growing trees and faintly sparkles off of the glass hewn fairy roads we made as children. There’s a shadow of a tiny girl sitting up in her favorite tree, hiding from school work and chores. Another shadow shows a young teenager, dancing her heart out with all of her friends at a homeschool homecoming, it was the best party that year. There she is again, on a the deck, dancing again, but this time with her new husband, young and in love, nothing to fear, knowing he would always catch her. She sits again on that same deck, just one year later. Mourning but laughing as she drinks enough wine to try to forget that her son isn’t there. Trying to lose that feeling of weightlessness that set in the moment she let them take him away.

She’s here again, not in shadow but in life. Holding a daughter that’s just turning one. Marveling at how quickly times passes and how suddenly she becomes shadow. There is a lifetime that was built in this backyard. There is a girl turned women with a lot of life still left to live. There is a daughter that she hopes will find the magic she left here, hiding inside of a mother and her siblings, and the house they all called home.


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