Six Months

Chantry is six months old today. It feels like a major milestone. It feels like we’ve made it. When she was first born, I didn’t sleep for three days, not sure how I would ever sleep again when she was here, breathing beside me. I stared at her for hours, not wanting to blink and miss a moment of her life. Part of me was terrified it was all a dream, or that something awful would happen and she’d disappear. Half of me expected anything and everything to go wrong. So every moment as she slept, I watched. I listened.

Now six whole months has passed since that first night watching her. She’s grown so much and I’m in awe of how quickly it’s all passed by. She is as enchanting now as she was that night. I’m still in awe of her presence. As I lay here and watch her sleep, I can’t write how grateful I am for her. For the chance to be her mom. She is such a gift. One I hope I never take for granted.


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